MYBODYISYOURBODYPROJECT: Abstract Extrusion (1) – Performance – London 2015

Abstract Extrusion (I) Abstract Extrusion (I)

Abstract Extrusion (I) is a self-tattoo performance with no ink contained within Amae’s ongoing piece ‘mybodyisyourbodyproject’. The pain is forced on the body. It is Amae first attempt to use the tattooing technique without ink with the only aim being to extrude some blood from the performer’s queer genitals (or the image [and its memory] of them). We like to think about it as Amae’s menarche.

The performer’s genitals were previously tattooed with the image of a female reproductive system during the performance ‘I will jump first’ and subsequently modified into an abstract drawing during the piece ‘Transgenital panic’.

Since it’s no longer the image of a female reproductive system it is almost like a menstruation from an abstracts and fluid idea of gender. Where the action of forcing blood out of the body explores fluidity itself. Extruding blood from it is like pushing the notion of gender beyond gender itself.

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