MYBODYISYOURBODYPROJECT – Quartet – (music/performance)

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Quartet is Italo-British collective Amae’s latest project. A cross-over between performance art and music that articulates rhythm using a tattoo machine on the performer’s skin, the needles land on four points of resonance placed on the body, producing notes of different length.
The queer body becomes an interactive music sheet and an instrument which affirms its own presence in the world. It creates vibrations and notes, sound and noise. This then extends its presence and connection with celestial motions.
The project features a collaboration with South African singer and songwriter Charles East who contributed lyrics, dark atmosphere and piano recorded at the Dutch Reformed Church in Ladismith.
The collaboration also includes the intervention of Sozu project, which performed the post-production and all the arrangements and remixes.
Quartet is a set of 1 video and 5 different remixes (video version; piano & voice; tattoo remix, wave remix; ending theme remix) that come in both digital and 2 different limited-edition physical versions (Quartet; Quartet Blood and Bandage Deluxe).


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