"How many drops for chaos?"






“Pieces of the person’s actual identity include a sense of continuity, a sense of uniqueness from others, and a sense of affiliation.”


“How Many Drops For Chaos?” analyses concepts such as order and chaos, fluidity and dichotomy, all as a pivot points of Queer Theory. The origin of this action is the connection between body and nature in Jackson Pollock’s action painting, where the breaking of rules was represented in what seemed to be a chaotic vortex of his drip painting.
Amae re-interprets these drip paintings but rather than the drips being ejected from the painter onto the canvas in a shamanic dance, Amae anchors it to the body in a performance of self-tattooing, where the image of the drops is cut into the skin without ever being transferred out of the performer.
Amae’s dripping is an extended action of the re-writing of the derma, though no more controlled than Pollock’s painting it is more static. The drops metaphorically defy the force of gravity, they rain from the inside towards the epidermis, not unlike the effect of the orbit of the moon on the ocean tide. This is an action intended to subvert the concept of painting as a performance action in that it leaves its trace directly on the body. The body becomes a microcosm that is testimony to fluid and constant transformation.

Picture by Christoper Waugh



MYBODYISYOURBODYPROJECT “How many drops for chaos?” – Performance – c/o CACT/MACT, Bellinzona, Switzerland in collaboration with Davide Allieri

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