Makeup implosion latest performances in Birmingham – “Gay’s valve” – Invasion

Every time we apply makeup all we do is submit to an idea we have of ourselves – using products that invade our face, our skin, our body. The same happens when we surrender to the hypothetical master of beauty: the makeup artist, a serial killer of doubtful provenance. In reality, in those instants, what we are actually doing is simply fighting against our fear of who we are and of the passing of time; the horror of death. So we layer ourselves with makeup giving shape to a palpable lie that occludes the senses, forcing us to reflect on the stage we have reached along the path of the evolution of our identity. When the foundation closes our eyes, our sight opens to the inside of ourselves. It’s an implosion of fluid cream and colour, of glitter and lip gloss. A mask that reveals the tension, the thought.

INVASION exhibition


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