Amae – “The Cheerful Surgeon” (Operation) – Video

“The cheerful surgeon” is the literal translation from english to italian, of the famous toy called “operation”.
The aim is to take away the objects from the body of the patient without lighting the red nose.
The signals that our skin launches could be seen as an alarm sounding at the tension generated in our body due the challenge of reacting to external forces. The alarm has the power to inform us when we are stepping through the threshold, when it is time to become aware of something – it invites us to make a decision – suggests that we stop or carry on.
Statistics say that every year the interventions of plastic surgery grow exponentially. This is a reflection of how our perception of ourselves is changing and how media feeds our dissatisfaction with ourselves, raising our tension and pushing us to seek to change the way we look.
The surgeon is a minor God who performs on our body. With our permission they operate on us as if we were a board game with no life, they are deaf to the signals from our skin – they get lost in the infinite pursuit of beauty.


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