AMAE – OLD MEMORIES, NEW DISEASES – 4th of January 2012 – Birmingham City University

Old Memories, New Diseases

Old Memories, New Diseases

Old Memories, New Diseases

The first four works represent Amae’s first approach to Queer Theory. The skin, the self and sexuality are the main themes of the exhibited works. Blood, fingerprints, needles and ink bring to life a reliquary comprised of photography, performance, installation and video.

Starting from questions of individual identity, moving through the relationship with the other and eventually leading to the exploration of their internal conflicts, Amae’s attempt is to trace a path made of subtle signals, of whispered images, witness the deep complexity that the thought faces in the moment when it turns its attention to the inside.

The skin is seen as a surface that hosts signs, experiences and facades (wigs, nails, make up) and that circles around identity agonies.

Mainly built on personal experiences this first series of works includes the reflective journal THE ROLE OF THE SKIN IN BONDAGE PRACTISE and the blog MYBODYISYOURBODYPROJECT.

3SkullS – Mixed media

On the surface of the Self - Fingerprints and needle.

The Muse - Bedside table - Installation

S.O.S. - Video


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