The Muse – installation

The Muse - Installation

The Muse – Installation

The Muse - Installation

For many artists their muses were the source of their inspiration and even the object of their desire and dreams. For Amae the muse is a woman in a man’s body. Gaia grew up in a male body never thinking about herself as a man. As soon as she took her first step into the retail business, she was rejected by the company she worked for. Gaia is now 37 and she is still contemplating a sex change. Gaia is one person of many in this situation. Amae spotted her and felt close to her feelings to the extent that it developed an aesthetic which represents a merger between the artist and the muse. Many questions arise from this artistic coupling. Where will these identities lead in their support of each other? How can art be therapeutic in solving the challenges of the construction of an identity lived at the edge of social norms?
With the lucidity of a serial killer, Amae displays a wide range of images partially made purposely for this installation and partially stolen from Gaia’s Facebook profile, a place where the concept of the self could be seen as frayed, or to the contrary, very solid, tangible and strong: but without any shadow of a doubt challenged by society.

The Muse - Installation


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