3SKullS – mixed media – 2011

3Skulls - Mixed media

From Decartes’ time until today, the self has been the object of questions and debate which have influenced the modern dynamics of society. In this work Amae adds one more shot to the previous range of works called “ordinary days”, where the subject represented becomes immortalised in its daily routine in an iconoclastic way, producing in effect Warhol’s “15 minutes of celebrity”, underlining how the ordinary actions find their roots far away in time.
In this self portrait, the first in this series, the subject questions his own identity, surrounded by things which delineate the person.
The picture was taken in one of the rooms at the Birmingham City University, the place where the subject is actually studying.
It is possible to see the relation between the helmet as a skull, the tattoo as a skull and the face (head) of the subject as a skull.
The mind (thoughts) focuses on the identity (helmet) and the body (tattoo) is a manifesto of a life dense with experiences that have changed it deeply. 

3Skulls - Mixed Media

3SkullS - Mixed media


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