ACTION n. 1 Colours in the form of gas.

During Petcha Kutcha Day (where the students were called to show a synthesis of their artistic research) amae brought about one first subtle action to underline its position.
This action consisted of the distribution of plastic hangers to everybody present. The hangers were part of Ivan Lupi’s research (he is one of amae’s founders) which has been happening for three years. The artist uses them in a street art context.
The hangers which were used for the Action n. 1 purposefully reflect the colours of the LGBT flag and they signify a first, superficial, approach to Queer Theory. They were distributed in the Lecture Room and in this way each colour went in a different direction. The rainbow thus broke and mixed into everyone’s life, becoming broken in its primary concept (of unification). Everyone now owns only one colour to represent the uniqueness of every single identity, sexual identity, artistic identity, etc… The colours, now spread, remind us that every time we try to put the identities all together we are doing something impossible. (double blade)
The same day Ivan introduced himself in a feminine way. Even this action was thought to communicate a position of doubt: to underline how an artist has the constant urge to ask himself questions which start from the self.
The Action n. 1 is intended to develop in precise ways as the study progresses.

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